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Building Forensic Studies Services

Our staff are expertly trained and ideally suited for building forensic investigative work. We intimately understand the cause-effect relationship between building elements, time, and their environment, because we have observed, measured, and reported on so many examples, from an objective, knowledgeable, and experienced perspective.

At DjDesign inc., we offer expert consultation during the pre-construction design phase, ensuring that your structure is waterproof. In addition, we provide materials expertise and mock-ups to assure windows, doors, roofs, and transition points work together seamlessly. With detailed research and analysis, materials science knowledge, and hands-on building experience, Forensic provides the bridge between design and construction.


What is a forensic investigation?

Forensic investigation is the scientific method of gathering, testing, examining and evaluating conditions both current and past in order to understand what lies beneath the surface. Building forensics specifically refers to the study and evaluation of problematic conditions in a building and its many systems.

  • City Design

  • Health Campus Planning

  • Education Campus Planning

Key Services

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