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Together, we design solutions to fit the unique challenges facing

our clients and society.


Founded in 2002 by architects Dana M. Smith and James M. Wachtel, DJ Design, Inc. is a full-service architectural planning and design firm specializing in moderate to large public projects, educational, religious, and historical preservation architecture and athletic/recreation facilities. 


Located on the northeast coast of Florida, we can service clients throughout the southeast. With the combined experience of over 50 years, we have a thorough understanding of the supporting roles played by the clients, users and designers in the creation of architectural spaces. We have worked on several hundred projects throughout the U.S., including airports, museums, offices, sports stadiums and high-end residences.


Working with the various "stakeholders", we combine this varied expertise with a mission-driven design sensibility to produce unique buildings that succeed: programmatically, financially, and aesthetically.


We do not restrict our thinking to a particular style, rather we design to fit the unique use, community, site and funding of a particular object.

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